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Ron Jones

Jennifer M.

Insurance Manager

I was recruited by Ron over 15 years ago. When I started working with them, I learned things that I was never taught before. Not only did he train me, but I knew from the start that he cared about me and my business. As for his knowledge, he has forgotten more about the insurance industry than most will ever learn. If you are looking for true mentorship with someone that truly cares where your business goes, talk to Ron!

Welcome to Accucare Benefits

Let us introduce ourselves

Independent life insurance brokers are some of the hardest working people we know. That’s why at Accucare Benefits, we work hard to enhance the success of our brokers by offering the best commissions available and multiple lead programs to make things easier for you!

We offer great contracts, renewals, discounted prices, commissions, vetted lead sources, and automated tools.

We understand that not one company fits all which is why we are constantly searching for carriers to fill unique needs for your unique clients.

Whether you are looking for a single contract to enhance your current portfolio, or a new home to place all your business with, we want to help! Contact us today to find out what we can do for you!

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What You’ll Do Before the Call

Tap the booking button to get started. We'll ask for some basic info and then you'll pick a time for our call together.

What Happens During the Call

We're looking to get to know you as an insurance professional. Our #1 goal is to see if we'd be a great fit for each other and to make sure that all your questions are answered.

What Changes After the Call

If we both decide it's a good fit, we'll move forward with the partnership. We'll provide you with training and start the process of getting signed with our carriers so you can hit the ground running.

About Ron Jones

Ron has recruited and trained thousands of dedicated individuals to achieve their professional goals, producing over $100m in gross sales, with in excess of 100,000 well-serviced client relationships over the coarse of his career in the insurance industry.

Whether you are striving for your own agency, or you have a passion for leading and training other producers, this is the team with the strategy to your victory. You will not find another leader who is as committed to your success as he is, or who will make himself as available when you need him.


We believe in delivering quality, life-changing products for our clients across the United States. From basic ancillary to short-term disability products, for groups or individuals, we have a great product for any client of any size.

No matter the level of coverage desired, we can find a fit for you.

Turnkey systemS

We have built a well-oiled machine so you'll be able to start producing much more quickly by following our winning system.

There are tools to cover dialing and appointments, how to create the right atmosphere, close sales, earn referrals, and retain your clients for years to come.

Systems create uniformity within each team and each individual achieves more by working together.

Professional Training

Our training is top-notch and personalized to you. There are mentors and meetings to support you locally or meet the masses of like-minded people at national events.

There are conference calls and informative email messages as well as training archives with both audio and video options.

How about the Incentives?

An excellent question! Let me share my favorite things about Accucare Benefits...

Accucare Benefits offers Street Level commissions or higher, bonuses, and the ability to qualify for amazing all-inclusive trips to exotic locations provided by our carriers.

Every agent is vested 100% from DAY ONE. Plus, your clients are your clients, not ours. Working from home and having control over your income are both fantastic benefits, and our agent partners feel they are part of a community culture that feels like family.

Why They Recommend Booking an

Interview Call

We have 100's of active agents in our organization who are writing business on a consistent basis. Take a look at what they have to say about their experiences.

Katie M.

Ron is a fantastic guy. He really zones in on the issues and offer solutions for the client. I have seen him in action, and I would recommend him to anyone. He is ethical and a caring human being and great to work with.

Jacob M.

Ron fantastic to work with, extremely knowledgeable, and dedicated to his craft. Whether you're an agent looking for help or a client looking for support, I highly recommend working with Ron and his team of experts that he has assembled over the years!

Andy K.

Anyone looking to align themselves with a true leader that really cares about the team should have a chat with Ron and Allie and you will see what I mean.

What Are You Waiting For?

Let’s Get to Know Each Other!

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